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Render to FLV file

Posted: Fri, 19th Jun 2009, 3:31pm

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Hi there. First time poster here.

Green screen problems.....

I'm trying to create a Flash FLV file with a transparant alpha channel that I can then superimpose on a web page.

Have been struggling to get a successful key using Premiere Elements and even a demo of After Effects. However I downloaded a demo of VisionLab and found that the colour difference key worked very well and almost completely got rifd of the green ghosting that had plagued my earlier attempts.

So far so good....

Now before I stump up for the program itself, I just have a question or two:

Is it possible to export or render my work from Visionlab as an FLV file? I couldn't see the option, so I guess the answer is no. If that's the case, should I export as an AVI? And will it "remember" that there is an Alpha Channel that should be transparent? I guess then I would need another program to turn the AVI into an FLV....

I tried to do the conversion with Sorenson squeeze, but the AVI file that visionlab rendered to kept crashing Squeeze.

Please excuse my non technical language; if you'll forgive the phrase, I'm rather green at all this (groan)!.

Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you.
Posted: Fri, 19th Jun 2009, 4:30pm

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You cannot render from CompositeLab to FLV. However, you can render out with an embedded alpha channel, so all your keying transparency will be retained. Alpha rendering is the one feature that is disabled in the demo however, due to the watermark system.

So yeah, you will need another program for the FLV conversion, and I don't know of anything specific to recommend. Perhaps someone else does?