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Need help taking the backgrounds out of image streamed

Posted: Mon, 22nd Jun 2009, 8:40pm

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Hello there, I am working on some special effects and I'm using FCP but learning CompositeLab. With Final Cut Pro I'm working with digital juice products and I'm able to place those images on any background I want. Now the streamed images from the FXhome website I have maybe 21 images to make one fire explosion. And the black background is still there. How can I use the effects from FXhome on Final Cut Pro. Or Just cut out the background and make it transparent.
Posted: Mon, 22nd Jun 2009, 8:59pm

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Mike Q

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I think I've seen other's mention, setting the composite tab to screen, although I'm sure I'll be corrected if this is wrong. Click on your clip, box in the top right-composite-screen.
Posted: Tue, 23rd Jun 2009, 12:47am

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You are correct, Mike Q. Alternative methods are using the Add composite mode, or using a Value Key to key out the black.