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Plug in ideas

Posted: Thu, 15th Aug 2002, 9:38pm

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Some plug in ideas: more blood effects, how about a day/night converter? more water-type effects. more animations. fog? atat? bullet animation.... many bullets striking around an object. bullet hits (like the magnets people stick on there car.)

Posted: Thu, 15th Aug 2002, 10:38pm

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Well, we've already got the bullet hits, made actually by firing at a car. So those are all set. As for blood, I think we've used up all the really possible blood plugins. The use of digital blood effects is limited anyway, unless you are really into 3d and can make it look good. Even so, 3d blood still looks video game-ish. Stick with live effects for the most part. Fog, we have a fog plugin, although I would like to see one with thick thick fog with a transparency slider.
Posted: Thu, 15th Aug 2002, 11:53pm

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heh, yea, we have covered a lot of those plug-ins already. I will try working on a new, heavier type fog with a transparency slider. Also: there is a plugin requests forum posts like this biggrin
Posted: Fri, 16th Aug 2002, 3:49am

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Day/night converter?!?!!?!?!?


Please explain what the heck that means! redface
Posted: Fri, 16th Aug 2002, 4:11am

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i think he means a filter overlay. like your previous pic of george michael would be the day - and your current one would be night. eek
Posted: Fri, 16th Aug 2002, 10:01am

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I don't think Day to Night conversion would work well in AlamDV because there are a lot of other factors at work rather than simply imposing a translucent black overlay. Then again, if the overlay isn't made up of one solid colour but a gradient, that could work (just like how lens filters do it).

BorisFX also has a plug-in called DE Day for Night (which is actually culled from Digieffects) which could be useful.

Posted: Fri, 16th Aug 2002, 2:39pm

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If you want to convert a day-shot movie into night, I really suggest you to make that effect in Adobe Premiere rather than doing a plug-in in AlamDV. Play with color balance (ex: red: 50, green: 65, blue: 100), put gamma correction at 7 and put the contrast at 25... It's much easier in Premiere!