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Background Color & Rendering?

Posted: Wed, 1st Jul 2009, 8:25pm

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Here is my question: I am trying to render my project. I have used Auto color diff to remove my green screen, and then I changed the background color to be what I want it to be. However when I render the project, it disgards the background color and uses black. Do you know how I can get the project to render with the background color I selected??? Thanks, Shannon
Posted: Wed, 1st Jul 2009, 9:32pm

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Mike Q

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I think changing the background colour is just an aid in compositing, unless you actually import a specific background colour plate in.
Posted: Wed, 1st Jul 2009, 9:38pm

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Yes as Mike Q stated.
You need to place a picture or video of the color that you want underneath your keyed footage on the timeline.

That's the entire reason that you keyed out the green right?... to make it transparent. If there's nothing underneath that keyed footage, it'll just render black.
Posted: Thu, 2nd Jul 2009, 12:52am

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I've moved this to a proper support forum, since that's where support questions belong. I assume your question is related to CompositeLab, since that's the program you have registered.

To add to what has already been said, you can simply create an image in any image editor at the same pixel resolution as your project and fill it with whatever background color you want. Then import that into CompositeLab, place it behind your footage, and render away.

The background color control you were using is actually a display control, which only changes the displayed background within the program. this can be quite useful for compositing at times, as was mentioned, but does not factor in to the rendering.