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How to make lightning or electricity blast

Posted: Wed, 1st Jul 2009, 8:51pm

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Is there a FX preset that would be good for shooting lighting or electricity from someone's hand?
Posted: Thu, 2nd Jul 2009, 12:45am

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You won't be able to download any presets unless you log in to the account of your friend who owns the program. Also, if you log in to his account, you could download the latest version of the program, which has a dedicated Lightning engine.

Once you have that, then any of the presets in the lightning category might be helpful to you.
Posted: Thu, 16th Jul 2009, 7:35pm

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What axeman says is true...but i have made a lightning blast without any presets, i came upon it when i was toying with the controls. move the effect"electric ball" to wherever you want on the screen. it's in visionlab. then somewhere on it's effects attributes it says "angle range" play with that until the lightning is shooting in a single direction. on the effects attributes move the " trunks","branches",and "twig level" to make the lightning blast seem larger and more powerful!