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Simulating a Steadicam?

Posted: Wed, 15th Jul 2009, 4:12am

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I'm shooting a short film entirely on a tripod. I want to go back and make some of the shots look as if they were shot with a Steadicam. I understand basically how to do it, by making the canvas larger and moving it back and forth along the time line, it just never looks right when I do it. Has anyone done this successfully? If so, do you have any advice and a sample clip online anywhere? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Scott oink
Posted: Wed, 15th Jul 2009, 6:55am

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I did it for this clip but I shouldn't have.
The first part of the clip is just way off because it was hand held. The last bit of the clip is better, it was shot on a tri pod but it's just a simple zooming out type thing using the scale tool.

I think that in order for you to get a good shot,for what you're trying to do, you need a wide angle lense to capture as much of the area that you're taping.
Once you open the video in Visionlab, make sure that your scaling and animation keyframes are just far enough from each other to make a slow and smooth pan effect. experiment a little till you get the hang of it.
Posted: Wed, 15th Jul 2009, 8:30am

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Hm, to properly smooth out a shot you need tracking of some sort, really.

Even then, though, it's rarely going to look as good as filming it properly in the first place. If you've got a chance to reshoot you could have a go at the Merricam: