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How to create canvas only 100 x 100 pixels ?

Posted: Wed, 15th Jul 2009, 4:23pm

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I'm wanting to use the Effects lab for creating sparkles, small explosions etc but I want to keep them to within a 100 x 100 pixel area. This is for use in game programming, such as animated sprites.

How do you create a custom size canvas ?

Can you clip to an area, such as a smaller rectangle, within a larger canvas ?

How do you scale say a particle preset effect ? For example I put an effect onto the canvas and think I'd like it exactly as it is but 25% of the size. I've tried using the scale icon ? but it appears to alter the nature of the effect as well as the scale ?

Any help or pointer appreciated. Cheers Andy.
Posted: Thu, 16th Jul 2009, 1:21am

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When you create a new project, it asks you what resolution you want to use. Type in 100 x 100, and you should be fine. Though you will probably also want to change the aspect ratio to square, if you are creating video game sprites.

As far as resizing particle effects, the easiest way to do a major scale change is probably to render out the effect in a standard format project, then import the rendered clip into your 100x100 project and resize the video to fit. Because when you change the scale of a particle effect, then the speed also has to be modified, as well as the particle size, etc. Getting the right balance of all those controls at your preferred size may be more trouble than just rendering and then scaling the render.
Posted: Thu, 16th Jul 2009, 6:46am

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Thanks axeman. Bit embarrassing that I didn't see you could edit the canvas size rather than using the pop-up menu selection when starting a new project!! And re-importing a larger render works very well - perfect infact. So thanks again.