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green cast behine head, and brides green part of flower

Posted: Sat, 25th Jul 2009, 12:51pm

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WHen i download 20 are more photo am geting a green cast behind their head the bacground is that of a orange flower, i tride the suppresion on extend and standard and other mode on key, also when I try to compesate for the brides green flowers other parts of the photo turn other colors.and in some case you get the checker black and gray background showing up on the subject please help i need to get photos back to bride aspa any way when can talk if you dont understand
Posted: Sat, 25th Jul 2009, 3:52pm

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We need to see the picture if at all possible. Then we can offer specific suggestions. If the bride is holding green flowers, then you should shoot in front of a bluescreen. Rule #1 of greenscreen shooting is: Don't use green if your foreground contains green elements. But, if you upload a photo so we can see it, then we may be able to offer some helpful advice. will host your images for free if you don't have webspace of your own.