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How to make someone falling?

Posted: Tue, 4th Aug 2009, 1:07am

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I looked at some tutorials on youtube and see that you can make someone fly/superjump in Visionlab. I was wondering if you can do the opposite--make somebody fall, perhaps from a second story window? Is it possible to do this? The shot I had in mind would be from ground-level, looking up at someone hanging up out of a window. (behind actor/3 quarter shot as he falls). Now, could I just film him pretending to hang out of a window and fall backward off, say, a chair or stool? Then mask him falling? The shot would be static, no pan, and I won't have him moving in midair cause I know that would make the effect more difficult. Also, how would I make my actor simply hang out of a window? (med/close shot) I figure I could just film him prtending to hang out, and measure the distance from him to the camera, then get an actual shot of the window he will be hanging out of, (measure distance again), and then blend the two together?
Posted: Tue, 4th Aug 2009, 1:43am

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Do you have a green or blue screen that you could use? then you could take a shot of the window from which ever angle you want and then film your actor in front of the green (or blue screen) You could have him (or her) fall off a chair or something (just be sure to have mats or padding underneath so the actor doesn't get hurt).

This approach would eliminate your need to use a mask and you'd have a better key anyway. I hope that this helps you out and makes sense to you. Good luck!! smile
Posted: Tue, 4th Aug 2009, 4:04am

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There are a few things that you can do. Film them on a green screen/blue screen and get them falling on a squishy surface so they don't get hurt as DvStudio said or you can simply take a still picture of your actor on an elevated platform such as a box, chair with out a back, or something like that and apply a mask to there body to take out the background and then apply a motion blur and appropriate background and animate the picture to look like its falling past the camera. If you have a green screen or blue screen you can take a picture of them in front of the screen on the elevated platform and key out the background whichever you prefer. If you have any other questions message them.

I want to see it when its done!