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I written u write to!

Posted: Sun, 18th Aug 2002, 6:34pm

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Hey all.. Andy is home now! but my computer wont work so cant watch your movies! Anyway.. i wrote a mail to an swedish computer magazine about alamdv.. And it got published! I hope Alam can get some more users this way, and i think all u should do the same, it dont take long, and u dont have to write so good either becouse they changes alot! neutral ... //Andy
Posted: Sun, 18th Aug 2002, 7:20pm

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sounds '+ 1 intersting' is the magazine on-line was it a big article, can we see it? smile
Posted: Sun, 18th Aug 2002, 7:49pm

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There's a weekly newpaper supplement called 'Computer Times' that virtually every household in my country gets. If CSB-Digital were to publish an ad in there, I'm sure sales will pick up tremendously biggrin Alternatively, I could write a glowing review of AlamDV2 and hope that they publish it in future issues smile
Posted: Mon, 19th Aug 2002, 8:46am

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Är det pchemma eller vadå Andreas?
Posted: Mon, 26th Aug 2002, 11:29am

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hold dere på engelsk nå