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Star Wars Blaster Guns

Posted: Thu, 20th Aug 2009, 11:59am

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Hello Community,
I'm new to FXhome Effects Lab Pro and I'm not sure how to create Star Wars Blaster Shots.
So my question is:
Whats is the easiest way to create moving laser shots (so that you can see the laser until it hits its target)?

Posted: Thu, 20th Aug 2009, 12:32pm

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Welcome to FXhome Chris! The easiest way to create lasers is to click on the laser tab in the top right corner twice. Now you see that that a giant laser has appearred across the screen. Zoom out using the button on the top near the support forum button. Then drag the 2 white boxes closer. You can adjust the settings to your needs but the best way would be just to play around with it but don't forget to click on the next frame button for each part of your movie. I was in a rush when I wrote this maybe someone else can explain better. Got to go! Bye!-Storm Grenade
Posted: Thu, 20th Aug 2009, 1:06pm

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So click on the laser button once to bring up a list of presets and twice to make a basic laser on the screen.
The small square boxes on the ends of the laser are its starting and finishing points. Once you get into more advanced lasers, you can do other stuff with them, but for now we'll stick with this.
The laser is probably too big for what you want, so use the "start width" and "end width" bars to adjust the thickness of the laser. In case you get confused, the start is the box placed by default on the left, the end is the other one.
Move the laser to where you want it to start.
(To make it move in a straight line) Go to the frame where you want the effect to end and move the boxes to where you want them.
Playback. You'll see the laser start at its designated beginning and move on to the last keyframe.
For better tutorials (although there's no laser tut), clicky.