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Posted: Fri, 28th Aug 2009, 2:34am

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Apocalypse Studios

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Hey guys does Adobe After Effects allow you to make ships flying through the air or is there another program for that?
Posted: Fri, 28th Aug 2009, 5:08am

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Your question really is quite vague, and doesn't quite define which portion of the process you are talking about. Making ships would require some model building skills or 3D, neither of which After Effects will help you with, but making them fly through the air, via compositing, it could be useful for. VisionLab or CompositeLab could handle that task quite successfully as well. More specific info about what you want to do with the program would help people to be able to answer more usefully.

However, this is a forum dedicated to support for the Lightning and Muzzle Flash plug-ins that FXhome makes for use with After Effects. Specific questions about AE are best posed in the Filmmaker's forum, or better yet, the After Effects support area of the Adobe site.