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Alam DV2 Plugin Of A House

Posted: Sun, 6th Sep 2009, 8:09am

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Fudge Dog

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I'd like a really cool plugin of a house so i can explode it!
Posted: Sun, 6th Sep 2009, 10:38am

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Please stop posting queries about AlamDV2 plugins. AlamDV2 has been discontinued a long long long time ago.

There will NOT be any new plugins for AlamDV2 ever again.
Posted: Sun, 6th Sep 2009, 4:10pm

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I think they already have a small shack in the 3-d renders section of the old Alam DV2. Its the best your gonna do with what they have, cause Sollthar is right, they will not update it ever again.

I would strongly suggest using some video footage, and then adding the 'explosions' to that. Alam dv2 isn't that realistic razz
Posted: Sun, 6th Sep 2009, 4:12pm

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Terminal Velocity

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I would suggest that you build a small model of a house and blow that up.