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glitch with plugin

Posted: Tue, 20th Aug 2002, 1:06am

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the plug in i submitted "more skeleton stills" is listed in the 10 newest but is not in the big list - in its place is a stormtrooper getting shot. weird. don't want to lose any. thanks!
Posted: Tue, 20th Aug 2002, 1:11am

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That happened with one of mine too smile

What happened is that malone obviously didn't specify a category, so it isn't listed in the categories bit...

I am sure malone will go "d'oh" and fix it when he sees this though smile
Posted: Tue, 20th Aug 2002, 1:53am

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cool lol
Posted: Tue, 20th Aug 2002, 8:12am

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(ive gotta stop it letting me do that tard )
Posted: Tue, 20th Aug 2002, 9:24am

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I believe a few of my plugins disappeared into the ether as well biggrin