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Looking for old time/sport card photo overlays

Posted: Tue, 15th Sep 2009, 12:26am

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Does FX/Tubetape have any old time /old western photo overlays and or backrounds. I would also like to do sports card / trading cards. I am looking to add to all the Magazine covers and funky frames/ Movie posters that I have purchased. Im too busy to make my own and I would rather let the experts do the work.
If not does anyone have a good source.
Posted: Wed, 16th Sep 2009, 5:21pm

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Hmmm... If you already have our Funky Frames, then you would already have the Wanted Poster. Our Scenic Standards backgrounds could work depending on your project - just by adding some filters they could really look old west smile Be sure to use the promo code FX721 on your next order. It's 10% off storewide for our loyal FXhomers!