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Posted: Tue, 20th Aug 2002, 11:01pm

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Could anybody make a generic terrorist? Zombies seem much to hard considering each one would have to look somewhat different to create any real effect, but terrorists (whom could wear masks and uniforms) can look completely the same with out question; many times they do anyways. Maybe a few different types like one side profile of them walking, one front view of them standing, one of them dying, I dunno. Just a thought!
Posted: Wed, 21st Aug 2002, 4:23am

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Why dont you just film a real actor?
Posted: Wed, 21st Aug 2002, 8:19am

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I've uploaded a stuntman being blasted sideways, and another to be upload "stuntman falling ", let me know if this is the kinda thing you want but like you say with the terrorists costume, doing the same sorta of thing as my stunman series.

( i am working on the zobie one soon )
Posted: Wed, 21st Aug 2002, 5:13pm

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Thanks...Well the whole point of having a terrorist effect is the fact that you might not have a real actor available to help you film, in which case the terrorist plug-in would be great. You could use the same arguement against zombies, but then again real actors aren't always available.
Posted: Wed, 21st Aug 2002, 7:14pm

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I think there is to much shit that should be done by computer here! what happend to the cool effects u did by small modells and real things.. and what happend to the thing that used to be called actors! Common, my dream (or like my dream) is to do an movie withour any fxs u can do by hand..or u prolly get my point!
Posted: Wed, 21st Aug 2002, 7:43pm

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In my honest opinion, this plugin idea is really bad, it isn't going to look very good, and will ultimately make ur movie bad...

all u need to do is film when the real actors have time off, or get others to help out...

This is really NOT the time to use cgi, it will just make ur movie rubbish...
Posted: Wed, 21st Aug 2002, 8:33pm

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well said TMM, honesty always helps

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Posted: Thu, 22nd Aug 2002, 1:24am

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What about a plugin of a real actor dressed as a terrorist - like the twisted studios cyborg