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should I buy?

Posted: Sat, 3rd Oct 2009, 5:45am

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I have had the demo for a few month's and I like it a lot.
A couple questions though.
I am fairly new to editing. Not entirely
I have made music videos and short films but lately have been getting serious and I am completely new to adding effects.Is it easy for beginners? and is it an easy system to just edit videos without adding effects? Meaning, if I wanted to make a video with no FX would it be good to use or should I just use Imovie for that? Obviously this website has great tutorials and support forums so I suppose if I get stuck I can get on here but I just wanted some background before I buy.
Can anyone help me out?
Posted: Sat, 3rd Oct 2009, 10:08am

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None of the Lab products are for non-linear video editing - You should edit your footage in a dedicated editing program, such as iMovie, then render out shots which require visual effects to EffectsLab, CompositeLab or VisionLab.
Posted: Sun, 4th Oct 2009, 11:24am

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I guess the question you have to answer is what do you want the FXhome product to do and then does it do it to your liking?

I bought Composite lab to do one job - Greenscreen keying and that it does very well.

For video editing, however, you need other programmes - I use Sony Vegas which is excellent.

Hope this helps?