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A Gigantic robot

Posted: Thu, 22nd Aug 2002, 7:41pm

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Ok first I needed a big robot from the front and A robot that runs ( from side And front and thing between that so I can do a 180 degrees thing: See me runnung robot chasing behind me then as robot passes camera camera turns and you see robots back still chasing after me.
No I dont need a trex cause there is one in the libary plug in thing anyway but hanx anyway. What masking programm where can I download it thanx

I am not articulate I know sorry

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Posted: Thu, 22nd Aug 2002, 10:47pm

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any more specifics on your request - there's a gunbot you could enlarge in the current plugin list - you talkin old style, mech, etc?
Posted: Fri, 23rd Aug 2002, 3:51am

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For you're 2nd question: do you want to put an effect behind an actor? is so use 'masking' - the alam mask tools - download em and use en!
Posted: Fri, 23rd Aug 2002, 7:32am

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have you got the t-rex or do you need one ?