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Posted: Fri, 13th Nov 2009, 10:57pm

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I could not find anywhere on the web site: What's new in the v3 release of PhotoKey compared to v2 ? I am especially interested to hear improvements in the "Pro" series... Thanks!
Posted: Fri, 13th Nov 2009, 11:14pm

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NEW! Text engine allows you to add any text you want to your images, with control over font, size, placement, color, and transparency of the text.

NEW! Interface features a Toolbar up top with instant access to save, open, and print commands, among others. Also, the ability to reposition layers with the mouse on the canvas, instead of having to use the sliders in the Toolbox. And in the Pro version, the interface also includes a new Batch Controls palette which provides the ability to select any imported image directly from the work area at any time.

NEW! Hot Folder in Pro version allows you to select a folder and have anything included in that folder dynamically imported into the program. This is particularly advantageous for event photographers who have their camera tethered to their computer. They can shoot their images directly into the selected folder, and once there they will automatically import into PhotoKey.

NEW! Masking controls offer Bezier controls on each handle to provide much greater accuracy in following curves and creating complex mask shapes.

NEW! Advanced Spill Suppression mode offers full manual control over how spill suppression is handled for problematic images.

NEW! Filters in the Pro version include Hue Shift and Sharpen.

The Position tool offers additional control in the Toolbox, in addition to the ability to reposition with the mouse.

The Shadow Effect includes greater variety and control.

NEW! Effects include Soft Focus (Pro only) and Vignette.

The Tint Effect contains 9 new additional tint modes.

Batch handling has been fine tuned and streamlined for quicker and easier file management in the Pro version.

Printer compatibility has been expanded and improved.

I think that pretty much covers them, though its possible I missed something. Of course, the demo is freely available to all, so you can try out the new features to see if you think the upgrade is worth the cost.