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Color Problem

Posted: Wed, 2nd Dec 2009, 2:44am

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In Photokey2 Pro I have problems with yellow jerseys. Afrer keying it on extended suppression, the yellow jerseys turn orange. If I go to standard suppression the jerseay are fine, but have green spill in hairs.
Any solition?
Posted: Wed, 2nd Dec 2009, 4:13am

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Since yellow is 50% green in RGB colorspace, you may have to consign yourself to some compromise in color if you are shooting yellow against a greenscreen. If you could shoot against a bluescreen, you might get better results. Similarly, you could re-shoot to get less spill in the hair and avoif it that way. Otherwise, you could use a mask to isolate the yellow, but if its a jersey then you would probably lose all the benefits of keying the image if you had to manually mask out the jersey every time.

You might be able to adjust the strength of the spill suppression to find an acceptable yellow that still remove the green spill from the hair?

Also, the Advanced Spill in PhotoKey 3 Pro allows you to manually control each color channel in the spill suppression, so you might be able to get better results using that.