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Trouble Installing Photokey Pro 3

Posted: Mon, 7th Dec 2009, 12:11am

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I have been trying to install this program for the past 3 hours. This is the message it keeps saying to me. "The instruction at "0x5a92894c" referenced memory at "0x5a92894c." The memory could not be "written". Click on OK to terminate the program or click on CANCEL to debug the program. I tried everything. This is a $200.00 program and it can't go into my computer. Why???? Can you please help asap?
Posted: Mon, 7th Dec 2009, 7:27am

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Have you tried re-downloading it with a different browser? Firefox, Google Chrome?

Because it could be because it's downloaded and become corrupt through download.
Posted: Mon, 7th Dec 2009, 12:34pm

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When exactly does the error appear?

Can you try disabling your firewall/antivirus software before installing please?
Posted: Mon, 7th Dec 2009, 3:49pm

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Does your system meet the minimum requirements? Do you have updated drivers etc. Do you have enough space on your hard drive? Those would be the basic places to start, just to make sure we cover every possibility.