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Background bleed thru

Posted: Mon, 14th Dec 2009, 3:21am

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When adding a flag background to my picture the red stripes bleed thru the white blouse of my subject and thru the white areas of a blue and white shirt of the other.
Posted: Mon, 14th Dec 2009, 5:36am

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If you can post a link to the original image, we can likely offer some advice to improve the situation.

What I think I can safely assume is that, since parts of the white clothing are somewhat transparent, there is likely some reflection or spill from your backdrop on them, causing them to be partly removed by the keying filter. Its possible this might be able to be corrected by adjusting the Key settings, have you tried adjusting them at all yet? Its also possible that its beyond the point where key adjustments will fix it; again, we can't really say without seeing the original image.