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Composite mode changes to Darken when project renders/opens

Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 10:59am

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I have been trying to render the same project in EffectsLab Pro for a couple days now but I keep running into the same thing every time.

I have many effects (Energy Balls, Neon Light, Mist, Explosions...) throughout my project .
I assigned most of them certain composite modes (ie: Overlay, Soft Light, Color Dodge...)

When I render the project, it goes through the render process just fine except for one thing:
Many of my effects I placed do not show up in the final rendered video.

Why? I started to investigate.

I checked on what could be the cause and as it turns out, during the render process all the layers' composite modes switched to Darken mode.

I thought it could've been an error on my part (possibly accidentally changing it to Darken) so I went through and corrected them again. But after rendering it again, the same problem arose and they all went back to Darken mode.

Edit** I also just discovered that when I save the project and close it, then open it later that the very same thing happens when I reopen the project.

Summary: My composite modes keep changing to Darken when I render a project and also when I open a saved project.

I have used EffectsLab quite a bit in the past and have never had this problem before.

Help would be much appreciated!

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Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 2:18pm

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That's really weird. Does EffectsLab do this to all of your projects, or is it limited to this one in particular?
Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 8:28pm

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This is the only one it does it with.
I tried changing a few things to maybe have different results...

-Instead of using 65 layers I consolidated down to 26 layers
Result: No change

-Instead of using the original footage cut up into layers, I redid all the footage changes on 1 continuous layer
Result: No change

-I thought it might just be my computer trying to take shortcuts (somehow) so I restarted my computer
Result: No change

-I tried rendering little pieces at a time, in hopes of maybe putting them all back together in Final Cut
Result: No change

I don't understand what's wrong because I have rendered projects that were even bigger than this one in the past and I have never had this problem.