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Help with Free Gift Stock Footage

Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 7:56pm

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I imported the free gift stock footage into effects lab but when I put the explosion effect into my video it is semi-transparent. I tried looking up how to fix that but all I could find was that I have to input an alpha channel using Gimp or Photoshop. It said that this was only for AlamDV plugins though, is the free stock footage an alamDV plugin? Also, if it is video then how can i edit it with an image editor?
Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 8:30pm

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Explosions are meant to be semi transparent. The gifts to my knowledge are not Alam plugin's and they don't need to be edited with Gimp or Photo shop.
Check out this knowledge base article for more info.,2,5,40
Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 9:14pm

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Yeah, that is the article I looked at. It wasn't very helpful. My problem is, I don't WANT the explosions to be transparent. Since it is an effect and the things behind it are not actually exploding, it needs to be opaque so you can't see that nothing actually exploded. So is there any other way to make them transparent? I tried layering it with multiple explosions but i get the same thing. I have about 3 or 4 layers on it right now, do I need even more than that?
Posted: Wed, 16th Dec 2009, 9:40pm

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How many layers you need will depend on the specific explosion and the footage it is covering, and to a greater extent, on what you want the results to look like.. Sometimes one layer will do, sometimes you'll need thirty.

Did you try applying any grading presets to nay of the layers, to intensify the colors? You might also try adding smoke behind the explosion; it will provide greater opacity, more realism and greater depth to the effect. Alternately you could add an optics effect behind the explosion, colored and size to blend with the effect and not really bring notice to itself.

Keep in mind that the real issue here is that you are trying to composite using a program that isn't built for compositing. With a real compositing ap you would have far greater control, and could achieve the results you are after much more quickly and easily.