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Adding sound and editting after rendering through FX

Posted: Thu, 24th Dec 2009, 5:04am

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John Krukar

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I am really new to this program and I have just made my first movie and run into my first problem. After rendering and stuff it's obvious that all of the audio is lost. My question is how do I re-add the sound and/or sound effects as well as edit the movie again in windows movie maker or something.

Many thanks for future posts.
Posted: Thu, 24th Dec 2009, 6:23am

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Hi there, and welcome to the forums. Take a look at this knowledgebase article for more info on retaining the audio when rendering. But it is often quicker and easier to re-align the audio afterward in your editing app. If you are using Movie Maker, it may prove more difficult, as it is a poor excuse for a video editor. I'm not terribly familiar with the program itself, but I do know its very limited in working with multiple tracks of video or audio.

If there is any particular aspect of the process you need help with though, let us know and Im sure someone more familiar with WMM can offer suggestions.
Posted: Thu, 24th Dec 2009, 2:04pm

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Fxhome Dude

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I'm familiar with Mindows Movie maker. If you want to retain the specific audio from your clips, but you can't retain sound with visionlab for some reason or another try this. Render your video with out sound and import into WMM. Then import your raw(unedited) clips into WMM too. Place the raw clips under the corresponding edited clip and crop the audio so it matches the edited version. Repeat for all clips. In this way the audio will match. That was probably a bit complicated but it works. And again, you can't go very far with WMM, try to update as soon as possible to Premiere or Sony Vegas...
Posted: Thu, 24th Dec 2009, 4:25pm

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John Krukar

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Ok, I got sony vegas movie studio and I've been playing around with it and it seems to work. Is there a way to delete the video, but keep the audio from it? Also are there any free movie editors that would have the same capabilities as sony vegas or something? Thank you so much for your constructive advice!
Posted: Mon, 11th Jan 2010, 4:21pm

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To delete a track in vegas, click on the video, press the 'U' key on your keyboard for unlink. Now the sound and video should be seperated. Just click on the video track and hit delete, this will leave the sound track only.