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How to add realism to your Blue Lightsaber

Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 1:57am

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This is how to make your blue lightsaber in Visionlab and/or Effectslab look more like a real lightsaber or a ILM lightsaber.

Hello! I have recently found how to create more "realism" to your blue lightsaber in Visionlaband/or Effectslab!
Let's get started:

I shall give you all the numbers to plug-in for your Lightsaber properties.

1st: Drag the Neon Light effect to your video.

2nd: Fill these properties in "4 point" Hilt Curve- 0.5 Tip Curve- 1.50 Feather-2 These are properties that I favor, for you readers, you can use what you would like (my properties here are optional)

3rd: Now for the Neon Glow settings!
Neon Glow setting as follows:
Feather= 2
Transparency= 100
Size= 28
Spread= 15
Intensity, intensity randomizer, color randomizer, and spread randomizer are all set to zero.

4th: The color gradient is what the color of the saber is, and the most important element of this tutorial.

-Set the little black arrow to 1%
-the color is 0 red, 240 green, 233 blue
-the rest is auto filled
-create another arrow on the blue color bar at 31%
-this 2nd color of the saber is 0 red, 93 green, and 240 blue
-the test is auto filled.

5th: When you complete step 4, your lightsaber should look like it came straight from Star Wars!

(your lightsaber image will differ according to your video's backround coloring)

If you need anymore help, feel free to inform me!

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Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 2:25am

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It was confusing to upload pictures on a tutorial.

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Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 12:46pm

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Give people some time. Looks like you waited less than half an hour before asking if anybody had anything to say. It's not like you have all the users on this website just waiting for a chance to try out your idea and tell you how it is.

The idea sounds intriguing, and I'll definitely give it a shot when I'm at a computer with Visionlab. However, your stated refusal to show any examples definitely turns me away from trying this out. What are you hiding? Show a picture of your ILM quality lightsaber so that I have a reason to believe that yours is so good.

If you need any help posting pictures on this website, I (and many others here) would be happy to help you.

Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 1:06pm

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Thanks for the feedback!

1. I didn't ask for comments as to be impatient. I meant it as "feel free to critisize"

2. Yes, I the process of making an account or something for picture uploading confuses me. So if you have any tips, I would gladly post snapshots.

(The point of this tutorial is to show how to make a good looking lightsaber with only one layer of effects)
Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 3:44pm

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I would recommend making an account with Image Shack at

Making an account is pretty easy, and after that just upload pictures to it. You should be able to copy the BBCode for any given image (you'll see the option for this once you've uploaded an image) into a forum post to display the image here.
Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 4:56pm

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Hey, thanks for the tutorial man. I always appreciate it when people take the time to post their discoveries here so other users can try 'em out. Pictures would definitely be good though. Few people will be bothered to try this without actually seeing what they are trying to achieve, I'm afraid. And even though this particular tutorial isn't all that long or complex, pictures still help to break things into stages and make them easier to follow.

Also, remember that the glow size of a lightsaber blade has a direct correlation to how close the lightsaber is to the camera. On a close up near the hilt, the glow could nearly be as wide as the frame, whereas if the lightsaber is 30 feet away, in a wide shot, the glow will be much much smaller. Including an image or two wouldb help show what size lightsaber blade you are working with, and what size the effect as described is intended for.

As SGB mentioned, there's plenty of people here who can help you, if you want, to get some pics in there, but of course, you are also free to not have pics if you prefer. Is it the process as imageshack or the process on the forums which is giving you trouble?

The forum end of things is explained in detail in this article.
Posted: Sun, 10th Jan 2010, 5:28pm

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Thanks, I used Image Shack and now the pictures are on the tutorial!
Posted: Mon, 12th Apr 2010, 5:44pm

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OK that is cool, but you probably used a one layer method, not that that is bad but to get that really really great effect try this.

1: import your image or video

2: take your light-saber effect and rotoscope all where you want the
effect. (do not blur this layer put it at ZERO)

3: take that one layer and copy it 3 times.

4: change the bottom 3 layers neon glow color to black (making it wear there is no glow)

5: now for the pretty part on the very bottom layer change the 4-point feather to 5, then the one above that change the feather to 10, and then the final one change it to 20.

go ahead and use your two color option put one color tab at 0 and the second at 40 make sure that the 40 tab is your darker color. and i hope it serves you well you may have to change the spread and size to fit your liking.

your final should be something like this