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Question about son getting started?

Posted: Fri, 15th Jan 2010, 4:12pm

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My son is 12 years old and has been making movies at home for about 6 months. He has started to add different sounds (lightsabers,guns,etc.) to his movies. His talet seems to be developing rather fast on his own. He has a great interest in the FZhome effects lab pro. I know nothing about any of this!!! He found it on his own while looking on the computer for how to make lightsabers glow in his movies. I'm a mother needing some advise from people that actually use this program. I feel like it's a lot of money for him to spend. We have Windows 7. Please, advise me...
Posted: Fri, 15th Jan 2010, 6:46pm

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Good afternoon.

That's right.
The prices of product of FXhome appear more expensive.
But the possibilities of each product are very numerous.
There are three main programs of effects on videos :
-Compositelab pro
-Effectslab pro
-Visionlab studio

"Visionlab studio" regroup Compositelab pro" and "Effectslab pro".
Sure, Visionlab studio is more expensive.
But if your son is attracted by lightsabers, magicals effects and others fantastics effects, you should consult more details on Effectslab pro which is less expensive than Visionlab studio

I'm 14.
I'm an user of Effectslab.
It's a good program.

The program is easy to use.
Members of FXhome team are here to answer you in the forum.
You can send a private message to a member for more information.
And if you have any problem with the program, you can send a topic on forums.
Much people answer you with much details.

P.S.:sorry, I'm young so I don't speak very good english. smile
Posted: Sat, 16th Jan 2010, 12:33am

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Yeah I got my copy when I was in like 7th or 8th grade. If hes going to use it, its really worth the money. Your not going to get a program that does stuff like this for a lower price. This is actually extremely cheap for a program with this kind of capability. I'm currently looking at $600-$800 programs.

As far as the community. Its great, really. They will help you with really anything and you can talk to the people from the company directly. Simon Jones, one of the main Fxhome guy, if not the face of the company, at least on this forum has replied to a number of my posts even when its not directed at him. For the most part everyone is really friendly and helpful.

EDIT: I go to these guys for every computer/technological question I have. Its honestly the best online community i've ever been part of and people really seem to get along.

As far as the program its self. Not only are there hundreds of "preset" effects (effects that are pre-made for immediate use in your film), but you can create effects from scratch. Effects include:


-Muzzle Flashes (Flash when a gun is fired)

-Grading (Basically the coloring added to the film to give a feeling [not the best definition, but for your sake its good enough])

-Particle effects (fire, smoke, rain, magic)

-Optics (sun,glares,flares,lights)

Your son should really have fun adding all kinds of effects and thing. The particle engine should come in useful, he'll be able to create computer generated fire without lighting a single match and burning your house down wink

Also, this program can be used for any level of video production. Your can be a 12 year old kid, or an amateur film maker, this program will work for you. It supports HD quality video if he ever wants to upgrade his camera. Due to the customizable effects there is always room for improvement and new things.

One thing to consider though. This program is for visual effects. It is not ideal for putting movies together and sequencing shots. It does not work with sound in the program. What you can have your son do, is put his shots into something like Windows Movie Maker which is called an NLE (Non-Linear Editing System) to sequence shots and add sound. Then he can export the video and open it up in EffectsLab. Vise Versa.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. Me or anyone on else on the site will be happy to answer you. If your interested in the difference between CompositeLab and EffectsLab and some more of their capabilities, I wrote up a big paragraph on what they do before on the site and I can send it to you.

Best of luck with your decisions.
Posted: Sat, 16th Jan 2010, 1:34am

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I highly suggest you view a post made about this topic:
Posted: Mon, 18th Jan 2010, 9:14am

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Simon K Jones

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Thanks for the kind words, Singwolf!

FXhomer1127274 - as others have mentioned, I'd probably recommend EffectsLab as the most appropriate of our products for somebody just starting out. It contains the most immediately 'fun' effects tools, such as lightsabers, lasers, muzzle flashes, etc.

I don't know what editing package your son is currently using. If he's serious about developing his filmmaking skills he might want to consider a more flexible editor such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. We currently sell a bundle of EffectsLab and Sony Vegas, which you can find out about here:

We do our best to make a friendly community that is suitable for people of all ages. Your son might also be interested in the free filmmaking guide that can be found on our forum:

It really is an absolutely vital read for new filmmakers!

If you have further questions then just ask away!
Posted: Sat, 23rd Jan 2010, 9:59pm

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Thank-you for all the great information. It has been very helpful!!
Posted: Sat, 20th Mar 2010, 4:00pm

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I actually am 12 and actually do have Effectslab Pro. I found it the same way as him, only looking for fire.
I feel like it's a lot of money for him to spend.
It's worth it.
The lightsaber engine is very easy to use, but can be rather time-consuming. The particle engine is great - you adjust the settings and that's all that's required. Optic flares are hard to make, but there are hundreds of presets to choose from (buy it and you have access to thousands more presets created by the community). muzzle flashes are great. Colour grading is superb.
An added feature is that even though fxhome advertises composite lab for compositing, effectslab does it as well. In fact effectslab (as far as I can tell) is does the exact same as composite lab (exept greenscreen) as an extra.
All in all an amasing product.
Posted: Sat, 20th Mar 2010, 4:17pm

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Just to clarify, While EffectsLab does have some very limited compositing abilities, they are vastly less powerful and comprehensive than those in CompositeLab.
Posted: Sat, 20th Mar 2010, 4:24pm

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I am also a son and my dad was not to excited about the price. But, really after looking around a little bit, EffectsLab Pro is just about the most bang you'll get out of your buck. It's pretty much the cheapest software available with so many features.

As Axeman mentioned, the compositing isn't great, but it's good enough for 12 year old film makiing enthusiasts.

I highly recommend this software for a few reasons:
-lots of effects
-and a great community for support and sharing your movies.

EffectsLab Pro will easily take your son into the near future, making movies that will impress his friends.

Great software and company! biggrin