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How do you access a different codec in FXHome products?

Posted: Mon, 18th Jan 2010, 2:51am

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I have Effects Lab Pro and I'm thinking of buying CompositeLab this week. With all these tools, I expect I'll be moving my footage from program to program as I add effects, and will probably need to render some scenes several times.

Which brings me to the question: Surely all this coding/decoding as I make .avi files to move around will inevitably result in some loss of picture quality if I use the supplied codecs.

However, I have a lossless codec called "Lagarith" installed, and I'd like to use that. Unfortunately, my present FXHome product, EffectsLab, doesn't seem to provide access to that codec. I assume the same limitation will probably apply to CompositeLab.

Is there any way to make my lossless codec available for those FXHome programs to use?

Thank you.
Posted: Mon, 18th Jan 2010, 9:49am

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Simon K Jones

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You can manually add additional codecs to the AVI list. This isn't a supported feature, but might be worth a shot.

First navigate to this folder:

C:\Program Files\FXhome EffectsLab Pro

Locate the file called 'codecList.xml'.

Open it in a decent text editor and copy and paste the following line:

<Allow Name="Uncompressed" />

Make sure you paste it on the line just beneath the original. Then change "Uncompressed" to the correct name of your lossless codec.

Save the file, start up EffectsLab and you should be able to export to your preferred codec. However, I can't guarantee that the codec will be compatible - hopefully it will be, though! smile
Posted: Mon, 18th Jan 2010, 11:00pm

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Thanks, Tarn, I'll give it a try.

EDIT: That seems to have worked, Tarn. I did that procedure and now I can see Lagarith in the list of available codecs, and I've rendered with it. I put it into EffectsLab as well.

I guess the only way to check to see if it's actually rendering properly is to render the same footage with Lagarith and another codec, and see if the Lagarith output is bigger.

Anyway, there's something for the FAQs. FXHome products seem to recognise Lagarith.

Thanks for the tip.