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Motion Tracking?!

Posted: Tue, 2nd Feb 2010, 8:31pm

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You know what would be great, motion tracking for visionlab studio!!!!!! So far its one of the best fx software that i used..... user friendly, easy interface, easy controls, great effects.....i have no words how great your product is.....
When will a patch or something come out with the motion tracking stuff??? Will it happen sometime???
Is that hard for the software programers to make a motion tracking system like in 'After Effects', so you don't need to do a 120 minute movie frame by frame... sad
This is my only question, hope some answer will come!!!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!! smile

Sorry for my bad english, if its bad... razz
Posted: Tue, 2nd Feb 2010, 8:47pm

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I hope they will be putting into their new product comuing out in late 2010.
There have been at least 4 topics about this already made. I'm sure it doesn't go unnoticed.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Feb 2010, 8:58pm

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hmm, i didn't noticed that there were other topics about motion tracking!!!!!!! Yes, i hope to, that they will incorporate motion track in the next product, but a patch would be nicer, so you don't have to buy a whole new program again....... not everybody has money.. sad)
Posted: Wed, 3rd Feb 2010, 1:19am

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Motion tracking is an incredibly complex business, and integrating it into the software is a very involved process, otherwise no doubt we would have seen it already.

It is the most requested feature though, so the team is well aware of both the users' desire to see this feature, as well as the benefits it would bring.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Feb 2010, 3:27pm

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No wonder that is the most requested thing, it would be alot easy to do things, and i think it would bring great benefits for the users, and for your profit also....