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Loading Photo-key on portable hard drive

Posted: Wed, 10th Feb 2010, 12:05am

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If I chose a portable hard drive where i want to install the program, so that photo-key 3 will run from the portable drive and not the main C: drive, This would alow me not to have to take my computer with me and I would only have to bring the portable hard drive.
The QUESTION I have is can I move this portable drive to diffrent computers and click on the main .exe file of the program and run the program from what ever computer i plug into OR will it only run on the computer that I originaly loaded the program with ? I've done this with some programs and it works Ok, but there's been other programs that will not work this way, they only run on the original computer that the program was loaded with. Has anyone tryed this with Photo Key 3 and does it work ok ? Thanks
Posted: Wed, 10th Feb 2010, 11:11am

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Don't think it will work because on the PC you've installed it you have also the values in the registry. The other computers doesn't have a registry entry of the software