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Photokey 2 Lite installation with out a DVD drive

Posted: Wed, 10th Feb 2010, 7:34pm

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I just brought this program (PhotoKey 2 Lite) but my Mac computer's DVD rom did not work, I only have an external CD drive and I can't install the program, is there any way to installed from my CD drive or using another computer as a DVD drive? I need this program on this computer but do not want to buy an external DVD drive.

Please any ideas?

Thank you,
Posted: Wed, 10th Feb 2010, 7:56pm

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Mike Q

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can't you download the installer from this website, through your account.
Posted: Wed, 10th Feb 2010, 8:26pm

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Mike is correct.

Simply follow this link to register your product with your account, and you can download your program from there.

Additionally, while you are modifying your account settings, why not change your username to something more memorable, so we can recognize you around the forums? smile
Posted: Wed, 10th Feb 2010, 10:30pm

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If there is a problem with the install disk, submit a ticket through the support system, and they will help get you up and running.

PhotoKey Lite isn't distributed directly by FXhome, so you can't download the installer from your account here.