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Emitter help

Posted: Thu, 11th Feb 2010, 12:11am

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Hey, I've been using Effects Lab Pro for quite a while now, and I ahve one problem that continues to pop up. Sometimes, when I load a preset, the emitter is that it shows up outside of the frame. I push around the screen a bit using the edges, but usually it takes me a few tries to get that right.

MY questions:
- Is there a way to make that stop?
- is there a way to zoom out the frame?

Preemptively: thanks!

Posted: Thu, 11th Feb 2010, 12:21am

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Yes, and yes. If the emitter begins outside the frame, it is because the creator of the preset put it there, and they had a good reason for doing so. But in some instances, the location won't be right for your scene; its impossible to create a preset that will fit every scene perfectly. So you move it.

But if you want to move it, and then save the effect with the emitter in that location as a preset, that's pretty quick and easy to do. You wouldn't be able to submit the preset, due to its being based directly off of an existing effect, but you could keep it in your system to make your life easier.

As far as zooming out of the frame, use the Zoom slider at the top right of the canvas to zoom in or out at will.

You might benefit from taking a few minutes to view the video tutorials on the interface. Presets and the Zoom slider are both fairly basic parts of the program, so there may be other useful features just waiting to be discovered as well.

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Posted: Thu, 11th Feb 2010, 12:24am

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Thanks! That seems so easy, I kind of feel stupid for asking it.

Thanks again!