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Photokey 3 Backgrounds have labels

Posted: Thu, 11th Feb 2010, 9:02pm

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I purchased the Photokey 3 product but have very limited backgrounds which also have labels that these were low res photos downloaded from etc etc etc...are these the default backgrounds? Are we limited to those which are less than 20?
Thank you
Posted: Thu, 11th Feb 2010, 11:44pm

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The included backgrounds are low-res samples to give you an idea of what is available. You can use whatever images you want as backgrounds, with a few limitations. They must be smaller than 5000 pixels in their largest dimension, and they have to be in a compatible format. Nearly all popular formats other than RAW and PSD work fine.

The PhotoKey bundles include a selection of full-resolution backdrops, but the software itself does not include any other than the low-res samples.