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Additional footage and effects question...

Posted: Sat, 13th Feb 2010, 12:03am

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I haven't had as much time as I'd like to check out all the things that come with VLS as far as effects and things (been too tied down with work stuff), but I should have some time to play soon and trying to think ahead I'm wondering about picking up a few of the 'extras' here. I just don't want to duplicate what I already have and don't know about yet.

Specifically, I was looking at things like the Footage: Special Effects DVD sold here, as well as a couple others.

Is the Special Effects DVD made up mostly of things already in VLS, or are they completely new and different effects? I'd like to pick up a few more things here to play with, but as I said don't want to duplicate.

Posted: Sat, 13th Feb 2010, 12:21am

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VisionLab doesn't contain any stock footage. Stock footage can't be stored within the program, it has to be imported as media into whichever project you want to use it in, so none of the Footage DVD's contain anything already in VisionLab.

However, the specific DVD you mentioned does include a bunch of clips based on the old AlamDV plug-ins that are available for download from the site. There is other stuff on the DVD as well, so its not all stuff that's already available. And as far as the AlamDV plug-ins, on the DVD they have already been converted to video clips for convenience, and it saves you the trouble of downloading them all before you can use them, as there are loads. That is the only DVD that contains content available elsewhere on the site though, and as I mentioned before, there is also pyro content on the disk that isn't downloadable from the site.
Posted: Sat, 13th Feb 2010, 2:18am

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Thanks a lot, Axeman.

I figured there wouldn't be anything in there for footage, but didn't know about additional effects. Sounds like I should just do a little basic work with what's already there to get at least partly up to speed before figuring out what other cool things to pick up.

I did already pick up the two tutorials Beach Landings and Superheroes, and Space Adventure. Again just haven't had the time I'd like yet to get into them, but will have some time shortly and wanted to have toys to play with.

Appreciate the info...