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Director Player Err. (string expected) despite clean re-inst

Posted: Wed, 17th Feb 2010, 7:50am

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I keep getting this error warning when i try to load a fairly sizable project . I can use other smaller projects buteven after a clean-re-install the one project still gets the same error warning.

It's really not THAT big a project I guess. Could the projects size have anything to do with it? it IS 6.2 MB ...which is MUCH larger than any other projects i have or have used previously.

I REALLY don't want to scrap this project so... any help would be much appreciated.

Posted: Wed, 17th Feb 2010, 8:11am

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If the error is consistently associated with a single project, then there is a good chance that the project is corrupted somehow. Assuming you backup regularly, as we all know we should, then you should step back to an earlier version of the project, and see if the problem still persists.

You can also send the project file to the support team in a support ticket, and they can take a look at it. There is a very slim chance that they may be able to rescue it for you. But reverting to your backups is probably your best option.