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Posted: Fri, 19th Feb 2010, 5:07am

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Posted: Fri, 19th Feb 2010, 5:54am

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Hi there, and welcome to the forums.

Please don't use all caps, as it looks like you are shouting, and nobody likes to be shouted at.

The easiest way to replace the sound is to import your footage rendered from CompositeLab back into your video editor. Line up the first frame of the new rendered clip with the first frame of the original clip, and the audio will sync automatically. Of course, you can also retain the audio from one of your clips, if you follow the instructions here.

If you can't open the file in WMM, my first suspicion would be that you rendered to a Quicktime file, which isn't compatible with Movie Maker. Switch your render settings to AVI, if this is the case, and it should work fine.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2010, 3:53am

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I'm new to this program, I haven't heard any sound at all in this program,are you telling me that ,after I have compostied my footage I have to syn it to my let's say power director program? does Compositlab ONLY composite video? and has no audio feaures at all, can this be true I have been racking my brain and listining to tutorial "they have sound?'I need to move on. Help (Lower case)
Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2010, 4:41am

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The FXhome products are for video compositing and effects. They are intended to create these effects so that the video can be exported and used in whatever non-linear editing software you use, such as Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, etc.

If you read the information in the link that Axeman provided above (click on "follow the instructions here"), you'll have a good understanding of this in more detail, and you'll also see information about how to retain the sound from a clip that you've imported.

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Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2010, 4:43am

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HugeGains: CompositeLab will retain your original sound only if you leave the timing of your clip intact. This means no cutting the video within CompositeLab, no duration changes, no speed changes, etc. You can retain the sound if you add any sort of effect, such as compositing.

does Compositlab ONLY composite video?
Only!? That's a pretty big 'only'! wink It's main features are indeed compositing and grading video, which are two rather large features. If you bought it expecting a fully fledged video editor, I'm sorry to say you've made a misinformed purchase. CompositeLab has never claimed to be anything but a fantastic compositing and color grading tool (which it is! smile)

The best workflow is to edit within your editing program, send only the FX shots to your effects program, and then send those back to your editor for finishing. That is the most efficient and professional way to go about managing your project.

For more on this issue (including step-by-step instructions on retaining audio) check out this fantastic article in the Knowledgebase.