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Posted: Mon, 22nd Feb 2010, 1:26pm

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I don't understand how to use Masking. Can anybody tell me how to use this feature? in detail?
Posted: Mon, 22nd Feb 2010, 1:38pm

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Simon K Jones

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Masks can be used to manually remove or retain specific parts of an image. This can be useful for fixing difficult composites which PhotoKey's automatic systems aren't handling properly, or for creating particular visual effects (a missing head, for example!).

If you click the 'Help' button inside PhotoKey you'll view the manual. Information on the Mask section can be found in the Features in detail -> The Toolsets -> Masks section.

If you have any questions after reading that let me know.
Posted: Sat, 10th Apr 2010, 4:16pm

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Tarn, Thanks so much for the very helpful information regarding masks in Photokey. I would think it would be very helpful if instead of a mask, one could use something similar to the history tool in Photoshop. Being able to essentially paint back in an area as opposed to adding, creating and adjusting a mask would be much easier. Anyone else have thoughts? I don't use masking much so maybe there's an easier way to use masks. I'll experiment a little more but speed is always a priority to me.