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whats the difference ?

Posted: Wed, 24th Feb 2010, 5:20am

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Im looking to by photo key but dont know rreally what to get. I all ready have a green screen, so i dont need the bundle but dose the photo key 3 pro come with backdrops ? Or shou;d I get photo key 3 the buy the backdrop dvds?

Posted: Wed, 24th Feb 2010, 5:49am

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Neither PhotoKey 3 nor PhotoKey 3 Pro come with backdrops if you just purchase the software. They are both available in bundles which include backdrops as well, but they also include the greenscreen which you mention you don't need. So your best option is probably to buy the software, and then select the backdrop dvd's that you want and order them as well.
Posted: Wed, 24th Feb 2010, 1:00pm

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Check out the comparison chart.