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Effect Reflections

Posted: Tue, 2nd Mar 2010, 3:22am

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Hi all,
I am working on an effect with lightning over a reflective surface and need to reflect the effect on the surface. Any ideas?

Posted: Tue, 2nd Mar 2010, 5:52am

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If the reflective surface is flat, I would use a pre-rendered clip of the lighting effect, bring it back into the timeline, flip it, and map it onto your reflective surface. Then tweak the composite blend mode (screen probably) and add a few grading filters if necessary to make it look more like a reflection. Lighten it a bit, reduce the contrast a touch, things like that. Also, a mask might be needed to create some falloff as the distance between the original and the reflection increases.

If the reflective surface isn't flat, then I would likely go about it differently, perhaps using a duplicate effect rather than pre-rendering, and using some distortion filters to break the effect up a bit, then grading it in a similar fashion to what I mentioned above.