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basketball plugin

Posted: Wed, 28th Aug 2002, 1:35am

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biggrin Hello, is there anyone who can and is willing to make a basketball plugin without a logo showing and so that you could spin the ball and also resize it? Please let me know. Thanks. Zman
Posted: Wed, 28th Aug 2002, 9:32am

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A quick caveat: unless your ball is going to be travelling in a very straight line, it's going to be hard making the ball movement seem realistic. It's because it's hard to get a realistic arc in AlamDV2.

Try out Flip's soccer ball plug-in first to see if you can get the desired effect.
Posted: Wed, 28th Aug 2002, 10:53am

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i think he wants it to make it look like he is spinning the ball on his finger smile good idea biggrin
Posted: Wed, 28th Aug 2002, 11:53am

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when i was helping to make the soccer plugin all u gotta do is get the animation render . It'll be up in a fewdays