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how do i regain my original sound

Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2010, 10:53pm

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so, i own a mac computer and have composite lab pro. and i know that composite lab pro takes away all sound from the video. so how do i get the audio back. and i'm not a tech wiz so please guide me through it step by step
Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2010, 11:10pm

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Your sound needs to be added in the Non-linear editing software that you are using to edit the full video itself.

The exact step by step answers you are looking for will depend on what editing software you are using to create your video in, but the basic process is something like this:

-Arrange your video/sound clips in your NLE software in the sequential order you want them in.
-Break the full video into clips and determine which ones need to be worked on in CompositeLab Pro (this may be several clips done at different times, or the entire video, depending on what you are doing in CompositeLab).
-Using your NLE software, render a section that you need to work on in CompositeLab.
-Take your rendered video clip from the NLE and import it into CompositeLab to work on it.
-When finished, render the clip(s) from CompositeLab to a video file to import back into your NLE.
-Take the rendered clip from CompositeLab and import it back into your NLE software. When you place it on the timeline, line it up exactly with the original clip of the same footage (either above it on another video track, or in place of it on the original video track). If you place it back at exactly the same beginning and ending point of the original clip, the sound should still be on the audio track in your timeline and therefore line up with the CompositeLab clip.

Of course you may be adding different sounds and effects after importing the clip back into your NLE instead of using any sound from your raw footage, so if that's the case, add the sounds and sound effects to your timeline so that they match your video footage. The process for doing this will depend again on your NLE software, but it generally involves adding audio clips to a project media window and dragging them to the timeline to the exact point that you want the sound to occur in the video.