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Keying pics with Gray and White Backgrounds

Posted: Thu, 18th Mar 2010, 1:08am

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I have a big number of pictures with White or Gray backgrounds, is it possible to add those colors to the Key list?

Posted: Thu, 18th Mar 2010, 2:32am

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I'm not sure if you are asking if it is possible to key them in PhotoKey, or if its possible to include that ability as a feature in a future release.

Either way, I'm afraid the answer is likely to be no, as only in very special cases can either of those colors work to get a clean key. Neutral colors like that are combinations of all three color channels, so trying to select areas of the image by color channel is a bit tricky. It requires completely different processing and algorithms from what a Difference Key uses.

Perhaps they could add a value key or something in a future version, but I'm pretty sure the demand isn't sufficient to justify the development involved. But maybe I'm wrong. One of the developers would have to say for sure.