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Can't import for Video camera directly to canvas

Posted: Mon, 29th Mar 2010, 10:43pm

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Can I import images directly from my camera onto the canvas or do I have to import it into my power director program and convert it to avi. I havind dificulty importing images that are not avi.I simply want to import video that I shot with GREEN screen and replace backgrounds...HELP
Posted: Mon, 29th Mar 2010, 10:55pm

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This may answer your questions.

If your camera captures in a codec that is incompatible with CompositeLab, there is no way around it: you need to convert your video to make it compatible. If you are keying, detail is especially important to retain in your images, so I would recommend converting to the highest-quality file possible.
Posted: Mon, 29th Mar 2010, 11:53pm

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Yeah, you have to capture the footage to your computer using other software, almost everyone uses their video editing program to do so. From there, export the files you wish to use in CompositeLab as .avi or .mov files, and you should be good to go.

Any files that aren't in either .avi or .mov format will not be compatible with CompositeLab.