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Artificial Camera Shake TUTORIAL?

Posted: Tue, 13th Apr 2010, 12:09am

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Hey Guys. It's been a while since I have posted here but a while back I remember seeing a tutorial for creating Artificial Camera Shake. The effect would be used when a rocket or meteor hits the ground or perhaps to simulate an earthquake. I only have effectslab lite and Chromanator at the moment. If anyone has the link to the tutorial I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Posted: Tue, 13th Apr 2010, 12:20am

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Don't recall where the tutorial is, but its fairly simple to create that effect, so here's a quick explanation:

1. First, increase the Scale of your layer using the Animation Controls. You need the layer to be bigger than the actual frame, so you have room to shake it.

2. Then, randomly jump to various frames and adjust the position of the layer, making sure its edges always stay outside of the frame. The Tweening system will take care of the frames in between, and you are good to go.

EDIT: This might be the one you were remembering.

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Posted: Tue, 13th Apr 2010, 12:21am

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Also, be sure not to scale the layer too much, as it can result in a loss of video quality.
Posted: Tue, 13th Apr 2010, 12:23am

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I figured it was something easy like that. Thanks alot guys!
Posted: Sat, 22nd Jan 2011, 1:43am

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Not sure how your editing software works, but in Adobe Premiere Elements there is a preset effect to place a shake on the video automatically and randomly. All you decide is how much shake. You should check to see if your software has something like that as well.