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Program installed not sure if corrrectly? Zip files?

Posted: Tue, 13th Apr 2010, 8:59pm

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Zp files could not be loaded when clicking on application. Click could not load zip files a millon times. Now in the program and trying to load a movie but not working?
Posted: Wed, 14th Apr 2010, 12:17am

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Could you give a little more detail (and a little more clarity) about what you're asking?

What application?

What/how/why are you loading zip files, and what are you "loading" them with?
Posted: Wed, 14th Apr 2010, 1:04am

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You need to unzip zipped files before you can use their contents. Enter the folder and on the side you should see the option extract all files. Click it and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Does that work for you?
Posted: Wed, 14th Apr 2010, 8:29am

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To avoid confusion in future please make sure you post in the correct forum and describe your problem in clear detail.

It sounds like you might be trying to install and run the software from an account that has limited access. You need to install and run it from an account with full administrator access.

I'd recommend following these instructions: