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Can I really not sell this program and transfer a license?

Posted: Wed, 21st Apr 2010, 7:12am

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This is pretty frustrating to me because I no longer use Visionlab Studio. I have moved to another platform and can't make worthwhile use of this application. I'd rather cut some losses and sell it discounted to someone that could truly use it to it's fullest.

If I can't then I can't and I won't risk voiding my license. I just don't like the fact that it's a one way road and seems like once you buy it that's it, it's yours.
Posted: Wed, 21st Apr 2010, 7:57am

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Hi there! Like virtually all software, you don't actually own the software itself you just purchase a license to use the software. In the case of FXhome products (and many other companies) that license is not transferable as it forms part of our security.