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What is the current version of VisionLab Studio Pro?

Posted: Wed, 21st Apr 2010, 10:42pm

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I've looked at a couple of demo videos where VL Pro was used and
this program seems awesome!

I found an OEM vendor selling VisionLab Pro 10 for $89.00 What is the current
version? And is there a lot of enhancements/features between v10 and
current version?

I just cannot afford the $499. price tag.

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Posted: Wed, 21st Apr 2010, 11:00pm

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I would highly advise not purchasing from that company. This issue has come up before, but the long and short of it is this:

  • There is no such thing as Visionlab 10. The latest version of VL can be seen here, and it is currently in 1.X status.
  • The company is blatantly lying when it states that it is an authorized OEM seller of any product it sells. As far as FXhome is considered, you can see a list of authorized resellers here.
  • The $89 pricetag is unrealistic, meaning you will either get nothing in return for $90, or a pirated/cracked version of the program. These are illegal copies, and are often loaded with viruses, spyware, and other malware which can harm your computer and other machines in your network. Additionally, there are security measures programmed into the code which can make pirated versions unreliable and impossible to use for any meaningful length of time.
  • These types of sites are known to steal identities and credit card/banking info.
  • Though they have BBB/Verisign/Cnet/etc logos on the page, they do not link anywhere. I guarantee if you took the time to investigate the company, you will find that these claims to a BBB accredited business are complete fabrications designed to mislead and scam customers.

So I hope, for your sake, you stay smart and don't go down that route! wink

While the $500 pricetag can be a bit high if you are just starting, I'd recommend trying out one of the standalone programs such as CompositeLab or EffectsLab. Each is only $150, and have discounted upgrade paths to Visionlab whenever you feel the need to upgrade.
Posted: Wed, 21st Apr 2010, 11:25pm

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I agree... don't do it! eek You'll just get ripped off.
Check out the links provided by rogolo.
Oh and by the way... I'm glad you had the smarts to ask first. biggrin
Posted: Wed, 21st Apr 2010, 11:38pm

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Thanks guys. And no, I didn't make a move yet.

But from what you are saying, does it hold true for other OEM sellers?

I am also interested in some of the Adobe products and a few OEM sites
have huge discounts.

From what I understand, I thought OEM dealers usually don't have the most current version, no manual and no upgrades available. Which would be ok
with me, at least temporarily.

Thanks again,

Posted: Thu, 22nd Apr 2010, 12:05am

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I'm admittedly not very up-to-date regarding OEM/Reseller standards, but I can give you some advice on shopping smart for deals on tech.

  • Always be wary of good deals that seem too good to be true. Oftentimes, they are.

  • Always look for website reviews on the BBB's site and A simple Google search like ' Reviews' in Google may also return results.

  • You still must exercise caution when looking at reviews - be wary of any seller without a substantial amount of positive reviews. It is extremely common for these sites to plant upwards of 100 fake reviews, as the potential payoff for them is high for little work. You can usually spot planted reviews by odd/recurring usernames and specific sentences/themes being repeated. A solid wall of 5 star reviews (without any 4 or 3 star ratings) may also be a warning sign.

  • Look at the site itself. These types of scams are routinely shut down by ISPs, but will pop back up again in a matter of hours under new names and domains. Scam artists usually control a few of these sites simultaneously, so they will have a similar sparse template used from site to site.

  • Check for phone numbers and non-PO box addresses. Use Google StreetView to check out the address. Call their number and speak with them regarding the product and judge their attitude. Check to see if they accept PayPal or Google checkout, as they will protect your money and information to an extent.

And that's just the beginner's guide. smile Bottom line is to do as much research as possible when using websites you have never heard of. You can lose untold time and money by dealing with scam artists, and they are literally *everywhere* on the internet.
Posted: Thu, 22nd Apr 2010, 8:17am

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These OEM-specific sites are pretty much never legit. OEM software is only supposed to be provided with hardware and other bundles, anyway.

In almost all cases these sites are in fact selling pirated copies, or aren't actually selling anything and will just steal your credit card details.
Posted: Thu, 22nd Apr 2010, 1:23pm

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Ray2010 wrote:

I just cannot afford the $499. price tag.

Take a look at this packaged bundle of effects lab pro and sony vegas. . It's less than half the price tag and you can still do green screens + special effects. Or how about for 150 $ Composite lab? You can do all sorts of effects with it. Or how about Composite lab and effects lab. With abit of work you could achieve most of the same effects that are possible with Visionlab studio, for about 300$. Whatever you do, Be sure you're buying from and authorized dealer. There's nothing worse than having hard earned money go to waste.