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Wanted: Tutor For "Visionlab Studio" In Australia

Posted: Fri, 30th Apr 2010, 6:40am

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Hey guys,

I have just gotten this program and have watched tutorials but am finding it hard to do what I want to do in it.
Would love to speed up the process to be able to use the program effectively.

Is there anyone who lives in Australia who can tutor me to an intermediate/expert level?

Thanks for reading.
Posted: Fri, 30th Apr 2010, 1:45pm

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Fxhome Dude

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May I suggest an alternative. There are probably less than 100 Fxhomers in Australia that own visonlab. Of that number less that 10 probably live close to you and probably even fewer, if any, have the time and resources to come down and teach you. I'm not trying to be harsh, however, the possibility of it is highly un-likely. I'm not trying to be rude but un-fortunately that idea will probably not get you anywhere. In truth you will probably do just as good if you apply yourself and read up than if you have a tutor. The program seems daunting at first, believe me. But the learning curve is small and once you get the essential grasp of the program you'll be a whiz with it in no time. If you are set on a tutor I may recommend that you ask for some over the web help, as in screen sharing, talking, etc. Again, it's unlikely some one has the time but if your paying (are you) then someone may be able to get you where you going.
-Does that help?
Posted: Sun, 2nd May 2010, 9:10am

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Hey *Why so Serious* thanks for your reply.
I appreciate the advice.