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Interesting glitch: Keying BOTH blue & green

Posted: Sat, 1st May 2010, 2:00am

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Not sure if this has been reported before, but just ran into an interesting glitch processing photos shot outside (lots of grass and leaves around) in front of a small bluescreen.

Loaded the a photo, and PK3 keyed the green, so I switched to blue on the keyer to key the screen. Looked great. Exported the result.

Imported another photo from the same shoot. The keyer was still set to blue, but it looks like the auto detect routine still ran and picked up green as being the dominant color and PK3 ended up keying BOTH blue and green colors. Ended up with a pretty psychedelic image.

A work-around that works is to switch the keyer to green, then back to blue after importing a new image, but that does get a bit cumbersome when processing several photos that have this same overall composition.

In case it matters, this is on the Mac version of PK3 stand-alone.
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2010, 8:58am

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Simon K Jones

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Interesting report, njush! I've tried it out here and I seem to be getting the same results.

We'll look into it.
Posted: Sat, 29th May 2010, 1:11am

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Thanks Tarn,
so... after running a few more of these types of shoots in 3.0.0009, it looks like it's not "keying" both colors, but simply doing a despill on green rather than blue.

So for clarification....
Images from a shoot have lots of green around a small blue screen.
Set keyer to "blue" and everything looks good.
Load a new image from same shoot and blue is keyed, but green is despilled, so the greens are not invisible ... but they become brown. Meanwhile, it looks like blues are not being despilled.

Again, the work-around is just switch the keyer to green and then back to blue again and the keying works as expected.

Not sure if this is the same behavior I'd seen before, or a simply a new variant after the .0009 release.