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Printing full bleed?

Posted: Mon, 3rd May 2010, 7:45pm

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I am working with Lenticular images in which I can make photos 3d with special lense, by using Photokey, I can butclients onto custom backgrounds. However, these custom images must not be resized when printing, or the 3d effect won't work. I can not seem to find away to tell photokey to print full size without it putting on auto margins. So I have been using photoshop to do this. However, it would be alot faster to just print from Photokey... Is there anyway to do this?

Thank you
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2010, 2:53pm

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Thats a really cool way of using PhotoKey, not heard of anyone doing any 3D work with it yet. Have you tried to go into the Page Setup, and setting all margins to 0. In your printer setup (which will be custom and specific to your printer), set that to borderless. I know on our Epson you also need to fiddle with a setting called "expand", but that might not be on yours.
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2010, 3:47pm

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Ya effect is way cool - I am using a Mitsubishi dicep printer in which I am trying to print a 6X8 full bleed image. In page setup, anytime I change on of the margins and click off it, it goes back to the defalt margin of "0.166" not sure if I need to change the paper size to something other then "letter" but i'm not sure which one to choose. I figuerd my printer settings should be right since it does print full bleed in photoshop. I will try tweaking it more, thank you for the quick reply...